How to create a class schedule for a dance school?

So you have a dance school, you offer high quality classes and courses, you keep on improving your teachers’ skills, but you know it’s only half the battle. It’s also important, how you promote your school and dance classes. Is your offer interesting enough to invite your current students and draw new ones?

In lightenbody™ you will create your schedule, attract clients with different types of dance classes and introduce your qualified teachers. Let’s start!

Class experience level

To make it all simple for your clients, start from creating experience levels for your classes. We have created for you four default class experience levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and all levels. You can change them freely or add new ones. Keep in mind, that correct naming will help your clients choose the classes, that match their experience level the best.

Group your classes

For your own convenience and effective future schedule management, you have the possibility to create categories and group classes. This option works out the best, when you offer not only dance classes, but also e.g. fitness or yoga lessons. Even if you offer only dance classes, you can still group them into solo, in couples, or classic dance and modern. It all depends on your creativity, moreover correct grouping will let you e.g. to disable the whole category, which results in hiding on the schedule all classes belonging to this category.

Show off your dance classes

Even before your clients decide to book a lesson, they will want to know something about your offer. Make sure to add a description for each of your classes, highlight, who should take part, and what skills they can learn or develop. All the given information will help them make the decision.

Introduce your teachers

Your potential client wants to know, that he is in good hands. He has to know you and trust you to choose your school and your classes. Make sure, that your teachers aren’t anonymous and each of them has a picture, describe their qualifications, add information about courses and experience. Don’t be afraid to publish less formal content like information about their interests or life motto. Thanks to this, your clients will get the chance to get to know your instructors at least a bit. It’s a great start for building future relations with your student.

Highlight your special classes

If you offer special classes or you would just like to highlight some of your classes among the other ones, you can do it using the highlight option — there is a dozen colors to choose from.
Another great idea is to use the colors to sort your classes on the schedule, thanks to this you can color the classes belonging to a specific style or teacher, so that your client will easily find his way in your school’s class plan.