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Organize your studio, gym or wellness center with ligtenbody’s managing software.

A friendly, smoothly operating business begins with ditto software that helps you focus on what truly matters: building a relationship with your customers.

Online schedule

 • Online pricing options

 • Online payments

Organizational matters handled in the blink of an eye.

With software that eliminates time-consuming steps, you can manage your business at the speed of light.

Enable customer self-service

Having access to online schedules, your customers can select, sign up, reschedule and pay for their hand-picked classes themselves. All online. It’s easy and fun for them, and saves you time.

Full control and mobility

Set up the schedule, check for instructor’s availability, analyze sales and interest in the various activities while drinking your morning coffee, or on the way to the cinema.

100% efficiency

No more individual informing about the availability of classes, reservations and cancellations of classes, or time-consuming analysations of the whos and whens of payments. It is all quickly and easily handled in a few clicks.

Your unique design

Customize the software’s interface to your own branding. Integrate your logo and choose your own theme and colors.

Simple and intuitive

Customers love self-service, provided that everything can be done easily and conveniently. Offer a clear and quick user experience with lightenbody’s software, to enable every customer to pleasantly navigate and buy your services.

Multiple languages

You can service all your customers by offering them multiple languages.

Let every contact with the studio be a great experience for your customer.

Software is more than a tool for you and your customers. It is your ‘good morning, how may I serve you’- web alter ego.

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