PCI DSS Certificate

What is PCI Compliance? At Fitssey we hold payment security and data protection as our priority, this is why we are PCI DSS compliant. PCI DSS certificate (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a standard introduced… Czytaj dalej

How to create a class schedule for a dance school?

So you have a dance school, you offer high quality classes and courses, you keep on improving your teachers’ skills, but you know it’s only half the battle. It’s also important, how you promote your school and dance classes. Is… Czytaj dalej

Online booking system – draw new clients

Nowadays, promoting your business in the internet is a must. Being on-line – virtual schedule, online bookings and payments – will allow you to draw new clients and make the current ones pretty happy. Your schedule available online It turns… Czytaj dalej

7 reasons, why you should have a business management software

Let's start with the most important feature that comes with the software — 24 hour availability, 7 days a week, which allows your clients to register and book classes at any time of the day or night. You use your time wisely and you don't like standing in lines? Your students feel the same way. Czytaj dalej