About lightenbody™.

Every company has its' own story. So do we...

In 2013 there was an "Aha!" moment - a brilliant idea of creating a tool, which would connect organizations promoting fitness and health with regular people - busy with their everyday schedules - to let them, for a moment, break the routine. For the next two years, the idea was being consecutively developed on a computer keyboard to become what it is today.


Today, lightenbody™ is a multilingual platform, supporting the work of several dozen studios. It is a software made of more than 500 thousand lines of code. It is a software, used by tens of thousands users every month. It is a software made with passion and love to the world of fitness.

Why lightenbody™?

We believe that the combination of lightness and body incredibly improves the state of mind. This combination is a fundamental basis for our company, embodied by the colibri - symbolizing the search of beauty in every day of our life and achieving what seems impossible to achieve. Enlighten your mind and take care of your body.

And now imagine, that we have just started...
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