Online booking system – draw new clients

Nowadays, promoting your business in the internet is a must. Being on-line – virtual schedule, online bookings and payments – will allow you to draw new clients and make the current ones pretty happy.

Your schedule available online

It turns out that after putting your schedule online, you attract more people. Around 40% of clients book their classes only one day ahead, moreover, it takes place mostly after the studio’s opening hours. Most people plan their next day unhurriedly, after work, in the evening, when they have time for it and not when your studio is open. By publishing your schedule online, you give your clients the freedom to book at any time.

It might seem surprising, but many people don’t feel comfortable, when they need to book a class or cancel an appointment by phone. lightenbody™ meets such people half way and gives them the possibility to do all the booking matters using a computer, tablet or smartphone, from home, without the need to phone up your hosts. Booking classes will become easy and pleasant for your clients and they will keep coming back.

Another advantage is the fact, that with the software there’s no room for a mistake — you give your students a schedule, that is always up-to-date, at the same time, your clients receive a booking confirmation every time they book. It’s an obvious win-win situation for your business, your student has an insight view into past and upcoming booked classes, which lowers the number of situations when a student doesn’t show up for a class.

Promote your classes and staff

Before your clients even decide to book a class, they will want to know who you are and what you have to offer. It’s a perfect moment, to present your business and encourage your clients to book a class. You can easily promote your classes and staff. Introduce your teachers, make sure all of them have a picture, list their competences, experience or a short bio. Add information about the classes, emphasize, who should take part and what are the benefits. All information will help your client make up his mind.

The online class booking system is the future of the studios. It’s worth investing, to make your work easier and maintain current clients, and what is even more important — attract new ones.