lightenbody reports — what can we tell you about the condition of your business

Reports can provide a large amount of information about your studio, no matter, if you like them, or not, you should spend some time analyzing them. By regularly checking reports, you can control the situation in your company, make key decisions and efficiently manage your staff and expenses.

Here are the most important lightenbody™ reports:

General income

Let’s start with the basic finance report, which is the general income of your studio. You will easily check the financial position of your company, you have an insight view into the number of transactions and the amount of money earned each day and, what is more, general summary of the chosen period.

For your ease, this report can be viewed in two forms — an easy to grasp chart and a detailed list. All data is being generated real-time, thanks to this, you have an easy insight view into the current situation of your studio.


Another financial report, this time it shows a detailed summary of your sales for each day in the chosen period. This sheet, enables you to check, on which days your studio earns the most and which payment method is preferred by your students.

Client visits

This report surely deserves some attention. You can track the attendance of your classes and see how many of them are being cancelled by the students. There’s no need to offer more activities, if there’s just little interest in the ones, that you are currently offering. So, before you expand your schedule, it’s worth to analyze the current amount of bookings in your studio. Think, how to attract more clients or how to encourage the current ones to book more often.

Staff performance

We are aware, how difficult it is to effectively manage your business and fairly treat your employees. Thanks to our summary, you will quickly find out how your staff is performing. This report provides information such as the number and total time of classes taught by the teacher, number of bookings, cancellations and unique clients. Based on this data, you can actively motivate your staff members and reward the ones, that have the biggest student retention rate.

Class popularity rank

You will find here information about the most popular services in your studio. After analyzing the results, you can think, how to improve interest in the rest of your classes and gain even bigger loyalty of your current clients.

Client registrations and their gender

This report will tell you something about your clients — here you will check the amount of new registrations. Was your latest advertising campaign a big success? Did it bring you new clients? This chart illustrates the changes in a very simple way.

Unverified transactions

If you chose bank transfer as one of the payment options available in your studio, this report will help you manage the traditional transfers made by your clients. You will find here information about who and when made a purchase using a bank transfer, transaction number and the amount, which should be transferred to your bank account. Everything correct? If you received the payment, don’t forget to confirm it.

Detailed reports and data can provide you a huge amount of information about your business. You can use them to manage your studio and staff even more effectively.